Hospital Medicine

Hospital Medicine


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Medical malpractice continues to be a significant issue for physicians from all walks throughout the United States, and there are long-standing concerns about those who are claim-prone and complaint-prone. Medical malpractice claims are one useful indicator of patient safety. In the past, researchers have compared physicians who have multiple claims against them with other doctors who have few or no claims. These analyses have identified systematic differences with regard to age, sex, specialty, training and certification, claim and complaint histories, and quality of care. However, only a few studies have looked at the nature of the maldistribution itself. Previous research has been generally limited to claims data from single insurers or states and date back to several decades ago. If claim-prone physicians account for a substantial share of all claims, it would be valuable to reliably identify them before they accumulate troubling track records. Unfortunately, attempts to predict malpractice claims have had mixed results, leading the medical malpractice system to be reactive more than proactive because the focus is placed on dealing with the aftermath of care that has gone wrong.

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