The New Patient Experience: Earning patient trust through an educational consultation process

2.25 hour activity | ACCME, AAPA, ANCC, AANP, ADA CERP

Standard: Free


InjectAbility® Institute’s activity, “Earning a Patient’s Trust Through A Thorough and Educational Consultation”, aims to provide action items that practitioners can implement to enhance the new patient’s experience at their clinic. Several of the practical action items being discussed are: spending extended time educating the patient, sitting while consulting, using staff to enhance the experience, and using images to elicit anticipation for positive outcomes. Once this step-by-step experience has been assimilated, the new patient is more likely to trust the provider’s prescribed dose and more likely to desire optimal, pan-facial outcomes.

Healthcare providers will be given the confidence to take back the consultation as the medical practitioner. Instead of acquiescing as patients ask for certain dosing, or specific products in certain areas, providers should confidently continue the messaging that these are medical procedures, and that they are medical clinicians implementing these procedures.

Simple steps and key phrasing to unfolding budgetary discussions will be modeled for you in a mock consultation. Follow the ‘patient’s’ journey from walking into the clinic, through the consultation where she was requesting neuromodulator, and finally completing the patient’s visit by hearing her state the instant boost of confidence she received after viewing her four-syringe pan-facial results.

Activities Included:

Pre-Test, Video, Post-Test and Evaluation