EMF Medical Conference 2021, Pre-lectures: Electrosmog and Electrotherapeutics 101

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4.0 CE Credits

Course Description

The purpose of this pre-conference courseĀ is to provide that basic understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, anthropogenic sources of electrosmog, and natural sources of electromagnetic frequencies and their role in bio-modulation. However, not all EM frequencies are harmful. Indeed, there is a growing interest in frequency therapy that includes pulsed electromagnetic fields and modulate light therapy that is proving to be highly successful around the world where these treatments are practiced. Some believe that these therapies are the future of health care and so they will be discussed in the 4th and final lecture of this course.

Target Audience

This activity is designed to meet the needs of physicians, physician assistants, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the educational activity, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the sources of electromagnetic pollution
  • List the characteristics of the spectrum that have biological significance (i.e. frequency, modulation, wave form, pulsing, units of measurement, windows effects, duty cycle, etc)
  • Recognize and diagnose someone with an EMF associated illness, determine what precautionary advice to offer patients, or refer patients to an EMF Assessment Professional who will advise patients on ways to reduce or eliminate EMF exposure risks
  • Discuss frequency therapy techniques used to deal with chronic health problems that are successfully used around the world but poorly understood in North America

Method of Participation

In order to receive credit, participants should watch all videos, successfully complete the quiz and submit an evaluation. The passing score for the quiz is 70%. A certificate will be available in the transcripts upon successful completion of all course elements. If you have questions about this CE activity, please contact AKH Inc. at JGoldman@akhcme.com.

Activities Included:




Standard: Free