AKH works with many accredited and non-accredited organizations to design, market and offer quality programming.
We bring to our joint-providers over 100 years of combined healthcare education experience, knowledge of various and changing accreditation regulations, experience in content development and project management, skill in course design, development and implementation, and knowledge of commercial support guidelines.

With AKH’s multiple accreditations, we are able to provide a variety of continuing education options. AKH joins with our educational partners to ensure that the educational activities meet the needs of the target audience, are grounded in clinical evidence, and are free of commercial bias – making education of healthcare professionals the foremost priority.


AKH requires identification of conflict of interest and initiation of its resolution during the planning phase of program production. Regardless of whether or not there is direct commercial support for the CME/CE activity, all individuals who are in a position to control or direct the content of an activity (faculty, medical writer, key planning committee members) sponsored by AKH are required to disclose to AKH any personal financial relationships with the manufacturer(s) of any commercial product(s) and/or provider(s) of commercial services discussed in an educational presentation, and with any commercial supporters of the activity in place in the 12 months preceding the activity. Potential faculty members who refuse to disclose financial relationships will not be contracted for faculty services and will not be involved as a planning committee member.


AKH enters into joint-providership agreements with other organizations or facilities as a full member of the planning committee. An AKH professional is available to advise and assist in all stages of the course planning. AKH retains the responsibility for assurance that all accreditation standards are met.

When AKH enters into an agreement with a non-accredited provider, the Educational Partner Agreement will include the following areas in which AKH will retain final authority:

  • Selection of faculty
  • Resolution of conflicts of interest
  • Selection of program title
  • Approval of all promotional material
  • Approval of course materials (handouts, videos, etc.)
  • Amount of continuing education credit to be awarded, and the manner in which it may be earned.
  • Approval of course designs including needs assessments, objectives, content, time frame, learning activities, and evaluation instruments.

In addition to the above, AKH retains authority for all administrative duties to include:

  • Record keeping
  • Certificate issuance
  • Faculty guidance
  • Fair balance and non-commercialization
  • Evaluation summaries
  • Communication to joint-provider, prior to and following each program
  • Complaint management
  • Should AKH enter into an agreement to jointly provide continuing education with another accredited provider; the joint-provider agreement will delineate division of responsibility for standards compliance.


AKH professionals will work with joint-providers to ensure that the design and program content meets the needs of the target audience and achieves the stated objectives. AKH professionals can provide joint-providers with suggestions and examples of appropriate active learning exercises.


As an accredited provider, AKH validates the clinical content of CE activities. Specifically, CE content is objectively selected and presented. Both favorable and unfavorable information about products are fairly represented, and provide a balanced discussion of the prevailing body of scientific information on the products and disease management issues discussed. Alternative treatment options are meaningfully and fairly presented. Treatment recommendations are based on the best available evidence. The source and quality of the evidence is identified. Discussion of products include contraindications or safety considerations and designed to overcome the under use, overuse, or misuse of products. Therapeutic options are identified by generic names.

CE activities do not promote recommendations, treatment or manners of professional practice that are not within the profession’s definition of CE, or are known to have risks or dangers that outweigh the benefits or are known to be ineffective in the treatment of patients.


AKH reviews all marketing plans and documents prior to production for compliance with accrediting body requirements.


AKH professionals work with joint-provider and advise on outcome measurement. AKH supports the concept that continuing education should improve patient outcomes and incorporates it into their activities' planning and evaluation.

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